On February the 24th Code for Romania has ceased its regular activity to focus its entire capacity on building the digital infrastructure necessary to support the civil society and authorities to manage the emergency situations. Find out more about this and support our effort with a donation.

Together, we build

tech tools for a stronger society

We are a community of almost 2000 volunteers who create open source digital tools for solving societal challenges. Our mission is to innovate through open data, transparency and civic tech. At Code for Romania, we believe that technology can enable citizens to more meaningfully engage in the public sphere and have a positive impact on their communities.

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You can be a part of our effort to build a better Romania. Donate 4 Euros monthly for Code for Romania by sending a text message with the word

PUTEM to 8864

Our programs

For building solutions to Romania's problems

For helping the civil society and the government


Be a volunteer

Your talent, along with a few hours every month can transform Romania for the better, Whether you are a programmer, a UX designer or a graphic designer, we can digitize Romania together.


You can also choose to invest in a better Romania by making a contribution to help us develop new digital solutions and also to maintaint the existent ones.


Each year, every romanian citizen can choose to redirect 3.5% of their income tax for a cause of their choosing. However, most people don't, for two main reasons: a difficult process and the lack of centralized information regarding the NGOs they could support.

Redirectioneaza.ro contains info about more than 1,200 NGOs that can be supported by simply redirecting that 3.5% towards them. By digitizing the #230 form, we eliminate the need for direct contact between organizations and supporters, saving time and resources spent on public offline activities.

Redirectioneaza.ro is developed pro bono by our community of almost 2,000 volunteers.

Check it out here
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