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Code 4 Romania is currently developing a platform centralizing all criminal assets seized in Romania, their net worth and location for the National Agency for the Management of Seized Assets. Goods are often seized as part of corruption-related or other criminal activities. Romania does not have a manageable digital inventory of every confiscated good, therefore the agency is struggling with managing the confiscation process, allocating space in warehouses throughout the country, protecting them, evaluating them and finally reselling or repurposing those goods.

The goal is to map all seized assets so that, first and foremost, citizens know what is going on with these assets. Secondly, the National Agency will also use the platform to administer and re-direct these assets. The platform will therefore also make the process of administering seized assets more transparent. The Agency has a plan and process in place for re-utilizing or re-selling goods. The money made from re-selling goods will be turned into a financing grant for NGOs, and other goods (such as buildings) will be also given as working space for non-profits, for example.

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Ministry of Justice


Alexandru Albu

Andrei Mitrea

Bogdan Ivănel

Ciprian Amariței

Costin Aldea

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Laurențiu Chivu

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