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Brain Gain

Despite hopes to the contrary, the mass emigration of the last decades has not been losing steam, translating, among others, into a powerful “brain drain”. However, this very migration, together with stronger connections with the developed world and ease of access for Romanians to the world’s best professional and academic career tracks, resulted into an unprecedented number of high-level Romanian experts covering a vast array of subjects. As much as Romania needs their expertise, they are currently dis-connected from experts in the country and largely inaccessible to the Romanian public.

Romanian experts currently live all across the world and the country, but in the age of communication, distance should not be a hurdle. BrainGain will be a user-friendly web application where experts can connect and collaborate, professionals can access expertise when needed and the general public can read and interact with evidence-based information. All of this, to address Romania’s challenges.

The platform will allow experts to collaborate and interact with those that need their expertise the most. Journalists or practitioners working in public institutions and NGOs will be able to contact, consult and engage in collaborations with the experts on the platform in order to tackle or gain information on the most pressing social issues.

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