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Currently, in Romania, public information on elected officials is spread on a multitude of media, in a multitude of formats and requires a priori knowledge of the sources where data resides, making it hard, if not impossible for a regular citizen to make sense of the data. Furthermore, no comprehensive analysis of data on elected officials can be attempted, as most of it is not digitised, hence not in an open format.

Catalog Politic is powered by the desire to centralise all public information on elected representatives and lower the information cost necessary for citizens, making public information truly public. For this end we are digitising hundreds of thousands of asset declarations, scraping dozens of official websites and manually collecting data where no automation is possible.

Citizens, who want to find out more about their representatives, but lack the time, energy and know-how to find all the relevant data will gain access to in-depth information in a friendly and easy to digest format. The platform will help journalists, watchdogs and researchers identify and verify information on elected officials. The data provided will offer an unprecedented starting point for in-depth analysis.

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Alexandra Lucescu

Bogdan Ivănel

Cătălin Cioloca

Claudiu Tufis

Costin Bleotu

Cristiana Bardeanu

Dragoș Costache

Eddie Vlagea

Emilian Losneanu

Florin Ciurcanu

George Bogdan Ivanov

Irina Mihai

Lucian Ursu

Mihai Doboș

Mihai Nica

Octavian David

Octavian Ganea

Ovidiu Poncea

Petre Damoc

Radu Jakab

Răzvan Pavel

Robert Badea

Sergiu Munteanu

Silvia Fierăscu

Victor Cleja

Viorel Sfetea

Vlad Fratila

Nicu Urs

Radu Jakab

Mircea Hălmăgean

Radu Ștefănescu

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