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With dozens of institutions involved in the process and incomplete information fragmented across a myriad of websites, it is almost impossible for a regular citizen to follow the long process by which a proposal becomes law. In these circumstances, it is extremely difficult to speak of active engagement in the legislative drafting process on the part of the citizens.

Right now people and entities interested in tracking legislation initiatives have to visit over 29 websites daily for updates. This places a large burden on legal professionals, civil society actors and private corporations that are investing time and resources daily to stay up to date with legislation initiatives. Once CeZiceLegea will be launched, these costs will be reduced substantially.

CeZiceLegea aims to keep citizens informed at any time about changes in legislation and make them active participants in the legislative drafting process. Users will be able to track and monitor proposed legislation through all the approval stages and will be notified of the changes made. As an extra feature, to give a sense of the wider context, CeZiceLegea will also allow access to current consolidated legislation.

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