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It is sadly common for NGOs or individuals to be working on specific civic tech projects without being aware about similar or identical initiatives. This phenomena is conducive to resource wasting in an area already plagued by a dire lack of resources. Moreover, this lack of resources leads to projects and apps being rapidly abandoned even when proving to be extremely useful.

Centru Civic 1.0 is already online and it has begun by listing over 30 civic apps developed in Romania. Currently, the apps suite is split in categories and each application has a dedicated presentation page, together with contact details and essential information. The platform allows NGOs to add their own apps as long as they fit simple criteria such as open-source code, updated content and lack of any political affiliation.

In its second version, the Centru Civic platform aims to add more instruments to help developers carry on their work. Among other new features, the app will have an effective search engine, a code library, it will be bilingual and the developers will be able to reach out to their audience to ask for support and volunteers. Centru Civic aims to turn into the public library of Romanian civic tech.

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