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Data Portal

Romania currently lacks a state of the art data portal, built having usability and readability in mind. It equally lacks in terms of up-to-standard, clean, well structured data. In addition, a collaborative effort of data scientists and other experts would bring great value by curating and transforming bulk sets of data into useful information. Today, there is none.

Data Portal will be a CKAN-based user-friendly web application meant to showcase curated data sets in simple and intuitive visual designs. It will also put forward standards and guidelines for cleaning and organizing data. The portal will be open to any NGO and institution that works with public data and our team will be there to help them validate and bring the information up to standards. Last but not least. The app will serve as a base for developing Romania’s open data community: we will make our infrastructure and know-how available to volunteers interested in opening up and cleaning Romanian public data.

See the interactive prototype of the app here.

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