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Election monitoring in Romania was, before Monitorizare Vot a pen-and-paper affair. There were no video, photo or audio recordings that could be shared in real time and hand written reports were centralized after weeks and weeks, making any findings simple post-factum observations.

Monitorizare Vot is the first app of its kind to be developed and used in Romania and one of the few used worldwide. It offers a better understanding of how elections unfold in Romania. It was for the first time when NGOs that commissioned observers received real time reports on the situation on the ground, enabling them to offer support to their observers and react in due time when issues or irregularities have been reported.

Monitorizare Vot is designed for both election observers and regular citizens, being made of:

  1. a native mobile app (iOS and Android) through which commissioned observers can easily report back to their respective NGOs throughout the election day;
  2. a platform for NGOs which centralises in real time all information sent by their respective observers;
  3. an online platform where voters are able to report voting irregularities.

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Adriana Avram

Alex Costea

Alexandra Lucescu

Alin Chiuaru

Alin Vancea

Andrei Mitrea

Andrei Nastasiu

Antoaneta Opriș

Bogdan Ivănel

Bogdan Vizureanu

Cătălin Cioloca

Corneliu Chițanu

Cristi Stoicescu

Dan-Flavius Corde

Dragoș Honț

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Lidia Necula

Loredana Sabău

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