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Every year people can redirect 2% of their income tax to a worthy cause. However, most of them never do it, being put off by two hurdles: the bureaucratic process and the lack of information on NGOs they could help. Moreover, NGOs themselves have a hard time getting their message across to as many people as possible.

The website will have information on a variety of NGOs that can be supported by redirecting 2% of the income tax. It will also be a means for NGOs to showcase their projects to a wider audience and convince them to re-direct the 2% to them. Direct contact between the two will not be necessary anymore, which means saving time and resources for both and more #230 tax forms submitted.

Basically, you can now support a worthy cause for free in 5 easy steps:

  1. Browse and choose the NGO you want to donate to
  2. Fill in tax form #230 online
  3. Print the filled in form
  4. Sign the form
  5. Mail the form to your ANAF agency

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Andrei Onel

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Corneliu Chițanu

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