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Rezultate Vot is the application that helps increase the transparency of the voting process, an effort that started in 2016 with Monitorizare Vot. During the day, while the citizens vote, the Rezultate Vot app delivers real-time data about the voting process itself - the number of incidents that obervers have reported, using the Monitorizare Vot app, as well as how many people have already voted. This information is displayed in a manner that is visual and intuitive, and offered for free. After the voting stations close, the app also delivers data on the votes that were expressed, using official data from AEP and BEC.

In 2020, the Rezultate Vot app will aggregate even more information. The Code for Romania volunteers are working on a feature that offers historical data on past Romanian elections, going back 30 years, so that this data can be visualised and contextualized.

This project was delivered entirely by the Code for Romania volunteers.

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