Seismic Risk
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Seismic Risk

Romania is both highly prone to natural disasters and highly unprepared to face them at this moment. It only adds to this, that many are dangerously unaware of how to protect themselves, their families and their surroundings when disaster strikes.

Our colleagues at Codeando Mexico and Code for America developed dozens of apps in the wake of the earthquakes and hurricanes that hit their countries in 2017. Each of these apps came in response to needs that surfaced after disaster hit, needs that we will surely be experiencing as well. We are in a position to be better prepared for the next major earthquake by adapting and importing these solutions.

By far the deadliest recurrent natural disasters faced by Romania are its major earthquakes. We are developing the Disaster Relief Ecosystem of Apps with the thought of getting prepared for the next major earthquake on our minds. Every effort invested now translates in saved lives and access to help when the disaster hits.

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