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Ironically, for the age of communication, the development of the Romanian theater scene is currently undermined by lack of resources, collaboration and support within the profession.

The main goal of Theater Hub is to form a community of professionals working in the theater industry. As they interact with each other, they will start building projects together, thus contributing to the overall enhancement of the arts landscape. The users will be able to gather strength and support in order to take on bigger and more impactful projects.

Actors, dancers, technicians, directors, scriptwriters, machinists will all find their place in the hub. They will be the backbone of the app as one of the core aims is to coagulate them into a community. Theaters, bands, NGOs will also be welcomed. People willing to contribute to projects they like via donations or with volunteer or paid services will have their own place on the platform.

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Alina Stroe

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Bogdan Vizureanu

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Răzvan Pat

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