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Communication and information exchange are highly important within vulnerable groups. In many cases, a constant flow of information is essential for the survival of group members or for their access to jobs, support or necessary assistance. Moreover, this flow of information needs to happen in a safe and secure setting.

WelcoME is a social network built with the needs of vulnerable groups in mind. The platform will offer:

  1. a closed safe space for members of the group to interact and exchange information
  2. access to content that is curated for their needs
  3. moderator and community-organiser roles embedded within the platform
  4. Customisable roles within the platform for relevant external actors (doctors, specialised assistants etc.)

We started working on WelcoME out of the wish to offer refugees a safe space where to exchange information, interact with their support groups and access assistance and jobs. We soon realised that the same need is shared by various vulnerable groups, be it disabled people, persons suffering from certain diseases or complications, mutual aid fellowships etc.

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