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We can take care of those most vulnerable

When tragedy strikes, all our attention is temporarily shifted to the problems of those that need immediate support. But the social inclusion of vulnerable groups is not a problem that is treated with quick positive intentions, but with sustained effort and well-thought-out plans for the future. Poverty, institutionalized children, people with disabilities, minorities, are all vulnerable areas of Romanian society.

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Objective 1: No violence at home

Status Design completed 

For too many families, home is no longer the place where they find much-needed balance and a haven from worry - insecurity felt in their own home is a feeling that no one should experience.

Domestic violence, whether it affects the couples, children or the elderly, has been around for a long time in Romania, and the wounds it leaves in the lives of victims are difficult to heal.

Whether it be verbal, psychological, physical, sexual or economic violence, we have chosen to take a closer look at this major issue and focus our attention on a phenomenon that does not get the attention it deserves, in a society that continues to normalize it.

Solutions, completed or in development:

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Objective 2: A diaspora that is closer to home

Status Design completed 

Recent statistics underline a harsh reality: more than 1 in 5 Romanian citizens no longer lives in the country. Perhaps even more worrying is the fact that many of the Romanians who emigrated made this decision due to lack of basic services and precarious living conditions.

We focus on common phenomena such as: the fragmentation of families that inevitably leads to vulnerability from an economic, social or psychological point of view, but also to the limiting of access of Romanians abroad to the services, status and the protection offered by the state.

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Objective 3: Inclusion for LGBTQ + people

Status Design in progress 

Just 20 years have passed since the Romanian state still prosecuted relationships between people of the same sex. Since then, members of civil society have been constantly fighting for  equal rights and freedoms for LGBTQ + people.

Although things are slowly improving, acceptance and integration is still a problem in public spaces, and this lack of acceptance has a severe impact on community members, as well as on society as a whole.

We plan to take a thorough look at the phenomenon of discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in order to develop civic technology solutions designed to support these communities.

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Objective 4: Equal opportunities for people with disabilities

Status: Starts  March 2022 

Romania's infrastructure for people with disabilities is grossly deficient, so improving the quality of life of this particular social category is a complicated and slow process.

The spectrum of disability is wide, and the shortcomings and attitudes people face prevent them from living in a safe, tolerant and friendly environment.

We need to build a country, communities and cities that are accessible to all, which is why we turn our attention to people with various disabilities and the relationship between them and how they are, or rather are not, helped by certain processes.

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Objective 5: A better life for children left behind

Status: Starts March 2023 

In Romania, the issue of abandonment and institutionalization has been a long struggle to provide these children with a chance at a family. Studies show that abandonment in the first years after birth can lead to difficulties in terms of emotional and behavioral development throughout life.

We all need the pillar of family in our lives. But for those who do not have it at the beginning of the road, the whole community must be the necessary support in the absence of a family. We actively support and develop technological solutions that can improve their quality of life and development.

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Objective 6: An end to human trafficking

Status: Starts in March 2023 

Romania remains a primary source of victims of trafficking for sexual and labor purposes, our country being the foremost european country of origin according to most studies.

While the basic duty of any community is to provide and defend the safety of its members against any threats, victims of human trafficking are not protected and efforts to combat this phenomenon are often insignificant.

We monitor indicators of human trafficking among vulnerable communities and look for ways in which together, through technology, we can decrease in the number of victims, and find tools for their protection.

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Objective 7: No discrimination against the Roma 

Status: Starts March 2024 

Ethnic discrimination against the Roma is one of the main obstacles to their integration into society as full citizens, and providing this group with equal opportunities is a structural and historical problem for Romania.

We cannot have a healthy and prosperous country unless all its citizens are accepted, supported and have access to all possible opportunities for development. Unfortunately, the general problems of the Romanian society are exacerbated in the case of the Roma minority, and this discrimination leads to the exclusion of citizens who can enrich our whole society.

We shall audit all these issues and come up with solutions that support the integration of the Roma community.