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 013  Ce Trebuie Să Fac

 Environment for Romania: 
An emergency information guide adapted to each user

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Ce Trebuie Să Fac is a simple and practical guide based on a variety of possible scenarios through which the population can go through in emergencies, offering official recommendations for a better protection for everyone in the community. An important functionality during the pandemic is the symptom assessment questionnaire that helps identify the degree of risk each person is in in order to determine steps to be followed.

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ce trebuie sa fac

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Solution developed pro-bono by Code for Romania volunteers with the support of RAF, ING and the Vodafone Foundation

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Solution built by:

Anca Cismașiu

Technology Officer (pro bono)

Andra Brînzaniuc

UX Architect

Andrei Ioniță

Technology Officer

Andrei Mitrea

Technology Officer (pro-bono)

Bogdan Ivanel


Cătălin Bindea

Ciprian Plătica

Dan Ichim

Dan Lepadatu

Dan Lepădatu

Dana Pascu

Chief Strategy Officer (pro bono)

Irina Borozan

Technology Officer (pro bono)

Mihai Nica

Mihai Popa

Technology Officer (pro bono)

Olivia Vereha

Vice President of Product

Radu Adăscăliței

Razvan Ciuca

Răzvan Ciucă

Tudor Gergely


Veronica Mihai

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