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Centru Civic

 002  Centru Civic

 Participation for Romania: 
A centralizer for NGO sector services

 Under construction 

Centru Civic is the first centralizer for the services that civil society offers to Romanian citizens. Centru Civic will become the place where, through a simple search, every citizen will have access to relevant information about all services provided by the NGO sector regarding a particular problem, emphasizing the importance and scale of the nonprofit sector in Romanian society.

Solution developed pro-bono by Code for Romania volunteers

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Solution built by:

Alexandru Albu

Technology Officer (pro bono)

Andra Popazu

Bianca Antohe

Catalina Coca

Social Media Officer (pro bono)

Dragoș Silion

Irina Borozan

Technology Officer (pro bono)

Răzvan Pavel

Chief Product Officer

Octavian David

Olivia Vereha

Vice President of Product
Maria Serbancea

Maria Serbancea


Răzvan Silviu Tosa

Source Code

All code written by the Code for Romania community is open-source. We aim to build, contribute to and encourage the development of Romania's code library to increase the quality of software solutions in the public space and beyond. Open source development increases the quality of the digital infrastructure built by digital actors, reduces costs by reusing code in different contexts, increases transparency, eliminates reliance on single providers and encourages the strengthening of contributor communities among specialists who can report errors or improve components and functionality. Explore the code for this solution here:

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