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Civic Tech 911

Romania's tech department

NGOs work every day to make the world around us more liveable. Any problem of theirs becomes ours as well.

Wouldn't it be great if each non-governmental organization had its own tech department to help it become more efficient, automate complicated and time-consuming processes, send messages to as large an audience as possible, and better fulfil its mission?

Until each NGO can have its own IT team, Civic Tech 911 is their tech department, ready to intervene in any request for help.

50 +
NGOs assisted
1 300
hours of support

Are you an NGO or a civic initiative group?

Do you feel as if technology is not as good a friend as you would wish? Let us help you.

Do you have a tech problem and are looking for a fix? Let's see together if technology can help you.

Are you thinking of a technology project to help you in your mission? Whether it's a simple website or a complex solution, we can help you think it through right from the start, to make sure it achieves its goals and doesn't become a burden on your organization.


How to get help with the Civic Tech 911 program

Write the concrete details of your problem

In order to be able to configure the right team for your problem, it is important to give us as many details as possible about the needs you face. When you schedule an appointment, give us information about the context, how the problem manifests itself, who is directly or indirectly affected by it and, where appropriate, you can guide us to additional information (eg the legal context of your issue) or other similar examples.

Choose a time slot for us to talk.

A consultation session lasts 120 minutes, and the days when you can book a Civic Tech 911 sessions are Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. You can't schedule a consultation less than 48 hours before the start time - this allows us to prepare as well as possible for the discussion.


Make an appointment

Together we can find the best solutions.

To begin with, we will meet in person or in a 2-hour online session in which we can better understand, together, the problem we are trying to fix. Depending on the evaluation in the first session, we will continue to work together to help you achieve your goals.

Who we have helped so far: