The tech department of Romania

NGOs are the backbone of public service. Whether they are dealing with issues of understaffing, underfinancing and overstretching, their struggles impacts us all.

Wouldn't it be great if every NGO could have its own tech department helping it become more efficient, automate time consuming processes and reach out to a wider audience so it can attain its mission better?

Until every NGO can afford its own full time tech departement, CivicTech 911 is the on call tech department that every NGO in Romania can access.

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Do you represent a NGO or an initiative?

Does it feel like you can’t get a grip on technology as fast as you’d like to? Let us help you.

Are you seeking solutions for the shortcomings you’re facing? Let’s talk and see whether technology can help out.

Are you considering empowering your mission through technology? Be it a simple website or a complex application, we can help plan it out properly from the very beginning, so that it meets your objectives and doesn’t become a burden for your organization.

How you can get the aid you need through Civic Tech 911

Formulate your need in very minute details.

In order for us to assemble the right team to work on your problem, we require you to convey as many details as you can, about your needs. In the appointment, tell us about the context, how the problem manifests, who are the people directly or indirectly impacted by this problem, and, if this is the case, guide us towards any additional information (such as the legal context, for example) or similar situations.

Choose an interval when we can talk.

A consulting session is 120 minutes long, and Civic Tech 911 is a program that runs on Thursdays and Fridays. You can not set an appointment with less than 48 hours left before it starts - this allows us to prepare as best we can for our talk.

Set an appointment!

Together, we can find the best solutions.

At first, we will have an in-person meeting or an online session, lasting 2 hours, in order to understand the problem that we’re facing. The evaluation at the end of this first session dictates how we will continue to work together in order to help you reach your objectives.

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