On February the 24th Code for Romania has ceased its regular activity to focus its entire capacity on building the digital infrastructure necessary to support the civil society and authorities to manage the emergency situations. Find out more about this and support our effort with a donation.

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Code for Romania War Task Force

The Code for Romania Association is bringing an ecosystem of digital solutions in the context of the Ukrainian crisis. The war launched in Ukraine triggered a series of crises with several medium and long term major effects, thousands of refugees running terrified towards our country and other neighbouring countries. 

After only two years, we are restarting the TaskForce mechanism, as we did in the case of the Covid-19 pandemic, when panic, fear, uncertainty and feelings of helplessness took over Romania. Our intended measures will help to provide official information about the ongoing situation and the effects of the war, as well as aid in managing the critical needs of the refugees, resources and capacity for local authorities and support for the civil society in Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova.


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