Read about our plan to Digitize Romania, following 5 key domains: Education, Health, Environment, Vulnerable Groups, Participation.

Critical Civic Infrastructure 1

We keep Romania in the 21st century

A technology product is not finished upon delivery.

As with physical infrastructure, every digital solution needs to be managed, maintained and further developed so that it can stay functional.

Code for Romania assumes this responsibility for all civic technology solutions that are vital for Romania, which we not only manage, but develop year on year in order to multiply their positive effects.

solutions produced by Code for Romania
solutions managed entirely by Code for Romania

There is no point to building Romania's digital infrastructure if we cannot keep it functional.

Nobody wants to imagine a Romania without the steps taken through the digital infrastructure nodes built by Code for Romania. A Romania in which….

The maintenance costs for our digital solutions are higher in the long run than the up front implementation costs, but unfortunately very few financiers understand the need for long term support.

The ecosystems we manage:

Free and fair elections

Functioning civil society


Disaster Response

Social Services