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E cutremur


 Environment for Romania: 

One-stop centralizer for all necessary info in the case of an earthquake 

 LIVE solution

Panic sets in the immediate aftermath of a major disaster. It will become very difficult for anyone to remember on which website or platform they can find information about meeting points, where to go for help, what authorities they can talk to, and so on. Victims need a simple, handy tool that allows them to search for everything they need and receive simple, concise information or clear lists of NGOs, authorities or other entities that can help them. eCutremur is a centralizer for useful resources organized around a search engine that will help anyone find useful information in case of disaster - from hospitals, help centers, shelters, legal procedures, information related to intervention efforts, other useful digital apps etc.

Solution adopted by the Bucharest Community Foundation

Administered by: Make Better (MKBT)

Source Code

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