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We Can have a brighter future through education

The issues of the educational system are not just the problems of those who study or teach in schools and colleges. The more we picture education as a priority, the more we understand that the problems of Romanian society need lasting, sustainable solutions, fundamental changes and consistent improvements. In the various stages of an individual’s formative experiences, interactions with others are essential, but technology, when properly used, can be a tool that increases the value of the educational act.

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Objective 1: Well-trained teachers

Status:  Design finished 

Romania cannot have a functional educational system without well-trained teachers. The better the teachers we have, the more successful, passionate and well-trained students we will have. Whether they teach primary, secondary or in higher education, teachers are fundamental, as the main interface between the educational system and the student. Our journey begins with them, because teachers are multipliers. Better-trained teachers mean dozens upon dozens of students receiving a quality education.

Solutions, completed or in development:

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Objective 2: Real life skills

Status:  Design finished 

The role of the educational system is to help us get to know the world, adapt to it and to set us to improving it. However, in our country, the curricula is focused almost exclusively on science and the arts, not on skills. Many of the students' needs to understand the world are not found in school curricula (digital, media, health, financial education, or  the development of soft skills).

Solutions, completed or in development:

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Objective 3: Access to education

Status:  Design in progress 

The equal access of all children to the education system, although guaranteed by institutional documents and statistics, is not a reality for many of Romania's children. This either happens because educators are insufficiently prepared, or because in many disadvantaged areas, poor or non-existent infrastructure is a hindrance to the educational act. For many children, access to education and the necessary educational infrastructure (including psychological or educational counseling) is only on paper. 2020 has shown us all the more that the education system is not ready to offer all students access to quality educational services.

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Objective 4: Safe and well-run schools

Status:  Started May 2022

The environment in which students are educated is of decisive importance for their future, not only through what happens in classroom but also through how safe and adequate a place the school itself is. The way schools are run can be improved through help of technology, to make them safer spaces, free from threats to students, in which bullying is not tolerated and the general atmosphere is one that encourages learning and collegiality.

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Objective 5: Quality university education

Status:  Starts June 2023

Romanian universities are preparing new generations of professionals who are in turn helping to build Romanian society. Technology can improve the learning process, research or practical activities carried out in college, providing easy access to resources and increasing the quality of the educational act.

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Objective 5: Quality pre-university education

Status:  Starts March 2024 

Technology can breathe new life into the way school curricula are taught in schools and high schools. For many of the disciplines studied, we can find improved, diversified, interactive and attractive teaching methods through technology.