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We Can live in a healthier environment

In order to live together in harmony, we must think beyond ourselves. The wellbeing of each and everyone of us cannot be separated from the good of the environment around us, for both our sake and that of generations to come. Forests, nature and green spaces are the first things that come to mind when it comes to the environment. But urban development, infrastructure, protected areas, natural disasters and pollution protection strategies of all kinds also factor in. Over the next five years, we will look closely at environmental issues and find the best digital solutions we can use. Let's protect ourselves by protecting the environment around us.

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Objective 1: Getting ready for the next natural disaster

Status:  Design Completed 

We are and have always been vulnerable to natural disasters, with damage and loss of life inevitable. But still, the damage caused by disasters can be multiplied by our ignorance and lack of preparedness. Technology can help us become more confident, support us in times of panic and help us organize effectively and respond to aid requests as quickly as possible.

Solutions, completed or in development:

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Objective 2: Being prepared for the next earthquake

Status:  Design Completed 

An earthquake in Romania is not a hypothetical danger, but a certainty. And if we know one thing about earthquakes it is that they are the most unpredictable and largest disasters that can strike us.

We chose to turn our attention to the field of earthquake preparedness and response because we want to understand concretely what our ability to respond to such an event is and how prepared we are, individually, to cope with an earthquake.

Solutions, completed or in development:

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Objective 3: Pollution measurement

Status:  Design Completed 

Romania is one of the countries with the largest number of pollution victims in the European Union. The only way to act against this threat is to understand the magnitude of the phenomenon by extracting and analyzing accurate and complete data on how it manifests itself at the national level.

We will do comprehensive research and develop technological solutions that target all the sources of pollution that can seriously affect our environment, but more importantly our quality of life: air, water, soil, noise and light pollution.

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Objective 4: Pollution reduction

Status:  Design Completed 

Reducing pollution is one of the biggest challenges that humanity has been facing. Reducing its harmful effects on both the planet and on our quality of life is something that can be successful only if concrete measures to control and reduce pollutants are implemented.

We study different types of pollution reduction such as: re-use processes, clean production, energy efficiency, transport infrastructure efficiency or waste reduction and generate solutions with systemic impact to combat long-term effects.

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Objective 5: Recycling and waste management

Status:  Design in progress 

In 2019, we, as a species produced record amounts of waste, of which only 25% was recycled. Basically, we have produced a quantity of waste that, cumulatively, is greater than the weight of all adults in Europe.

Sustainability of life on earth depends directly on identifying the best methods of recycling, waste and garbage management.

It is probably one of the biggest challenges of our generation, which is why we aim to contribute through digital tools to this processes of recycling and waste management.

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Objective 6: Developed villages

Status:  Starts March 2022

More than half of Romania's population lives in rural areas or in conditions equivalent to life in rural areas.

The quality of life in villages is measured both on a per capita income basis and through the population's access to civilized living conditions, similar to those in urban areas. That is why there can be no development strategy for Romania that does not include also focusing on everything that falls under the scope of rural infrastructure. This is why we are looking for civic technology solutions designed to improve living standards and progress indicators in the countryside.

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Objective 7: Friendlier cities

Status:  Starts March 2023

Although the primary purpose of urban development in general is the increase in living standards for inhabitants, in Romania development has never been done with the citizen’s best interests in mind. We are increasingly faced with unsustainable improvisations or decisions that negatively affect quality of life.

Technology is one of the most effective tools that can be used to transform cities into livable, accessible and friendly spaces, developed responsibly and intelligently.

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Objective 8: Protecting nature

Status:  Starts March 2024

Romania is one of hte most biodiverse countries in Europe, and thanks to its geographical position it benefits from an impressive natural capital. However, the period of development and economic transition we are going through poses a risk to nature, in the absence of a coherent and assumed nature protection strategy.

Our current lifestyle and poor decisions on environmental protection negatively influence the country's natural heritage, with long-term consequences that may directly affect future generations.

Together with the institutions, our partners and volunteers, we seek to reduce the harmful impact of environmental degradation by developing digital tools that contribute to the protection of nature in all its forms.

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Objective 9: Protected and healthy forests

Status:  Starts March 2024

Forests are one of the most important resources that Romania has. But the health of forests is threatened through illegal logging in areas that should otherwise be protected by law.

The destruction of forests has lasting effects on the environment, as well as the health and safety of the population. Not to mention the fact that forests are a very valuable resource whose regeneration process takes decades, while illegal deforestation can cut down hundreds of trees in just a few days.

We aim to generate digital solutions that contribute to the maintenance and protection of forests in Romania so as to reduce the risk of the country's forested areas simply vanishing.