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 020  e-Sense

 Education for Romania: 
Flexibile exercices for children with deafblindness

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Access to quality education for children with deafblindness first depends on the access of those who train them to sufficient and flexible educational resources. Children in this situation have special needs related for communication, socialization, cognitive and psychomotor development. eSense is a solution adapted to their specific needs, considering their visual and hearing impairments. The application supports teachers in early intervention and beyond, with customizable exercises and games that follow the current curriculum, being open to everyone, open-source, replicable and reusable worldwide.

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E Sense

Solution adopted by the Orange Foundation

Administered by: Sense International Romania

Now, with COVID-19 everywhere, when face-to-face interaction is no longer possible, this educational software is the link between myself and the children, the means by which I will be able to perform general cognitive stimulation and sensory stimulation activities adapted to the special needs of children with deafblindness.

Teacher at the Constantin Pufan Inclusive Education Center, Timișoara

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