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Expert Consultation

Expert Consultation

 Participation for Romania: 
A simple and effective process for consulting expert groups

 Solution under development

Expert Consultation is a digital tool that allows expert groups to work collaboratively directly with the text of proposed laws, offer feedback, proposals, comments, to vote and amend certain proposals, articles or the comments of other participants and then automatically consolidate the final document. This tool will thus make it easier to consult with experts, giving everyone enough time to express their opinion, eliminating unnecessary bureaucracy and allowing real-time access to the same information for thousands of people who would otherwise have to interact exclusively with a single point of contact. At the same time, it eliminates all the time spent on formatting the legal text, consolidating similar comments and eliminating unnecessary or irrelevant ones.

Moreover, in order to be able to issue informed and documented opinions, the digital tool allows contributors to consult other relevant laws directly through the platform.

A project developed pro-bono by Code for Romania volunteers

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Solution built by:

Amalia Goia

Bogdan-Marius Mosica

Cezar Mathe

Daniel Lungu

George Bejan

Technology Officer (pro bono)

Ghenadie Cebanu

Ioan Grozea

Ioan Stănila

Irina Borozan

Technology Officer (pro bono)

Mihai Rînziș

Technology Officer (pro bono)

Mihai-Tudor Popescu

Olivia Vereha

Vice President of Product

Radu Ștefănescu

Technology Officer (pro bono)
Robert Damian

Robert-Andrei Damian

Source Code

All code written by the Code for Romania community is open-source. We aim to build, contribute to and encourage the development of Romania's code library to increase the quality of software solutions in the public space and beyond. Open source development increases the quality of the digital infrastructure built by digital actors, reduces costs by reusing code in different contexts, increases transparency, eliminates reliance on single providers and encourages the strengthening of contributor communities among specialists who can report errors or improve components and functionality. Explore the code for this solution here:

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