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A couple of hours of your time per week, your know-how or a small donation – anything can help us in our joint mission of creating practical solutions for societal problems. You’ll get back the excitement of doing meaningful work with like-minded people.


Up for some civic hacking?

We need volunteers for product management, software development, data analysis, communication, design, HR, yoga, event organising, social research, law and others that we haven’t even figured out yet! With such a way variety of challenges we can work on, your skills are much needed.

You’ll be part of an ecosystem, as we operate as a global community, leveraging each other’s knowledge and resources. Fill in the form (in RO), and we’ll reach out to you for next steps.

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Financial support

Yes, Code for Romania is created and maintained by a volunteering team. And being part of this is totally worth it!

However, maintaining the platform, the web domains and the hosting, attending certain events, some administrative stuff etc. – these imply some costs.

If you think our work contributes to societal problems impacting you, you can also choose invest in us by donating. It allows us to invest our energy in things that truly matter: developing civic innovation projects and growing the community.

Support civic innovation!


A stronger society contributes to a healthier business environment. If you want to support apps that will improve Romania step by step, let’s have a talk. Here are some ideas of how you can contribute to civic innovation:

  • “Donating” lines of code (for software development companies)
  • Organisational support (e.g. host the volunteers’ meetings)
  • (Partially) Covering the costs of an app
  • Award our volunteers
  • Donating products (e.g. software or hardware)
  • Meet & Greet your employees (great for employer branding!)
  • Other sponsorship initiatives.

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Public Institutions

Together we can develop digital instruments that:

  • Solve specific issues in serving citizens, based on creating a coherent set of policies for the use of digital technologies in all areas and at all levels of the administration
  • Integrating digital technologies for improving the public sector services, workflows, operations, methodologies and frameworks
  • Using technology to actively shape public governance outcomes, not simply for supporting government processes.

In the long run, showing what’s possible changes the conversation, lowers the risk of experimentation, and also creates will for innovation in the public sector.

Got a project idea?


You are facing lots challenges on a daily basis, from managing the volunteers’ activities to finding the best data-driven solution for the communities you serve. If you have a great idea but lack the resources, we are here to help.

A very common misconception is that digital tools are unaffordable. For changing that, we support our civil society partners identify the solutions they need & help them implement.

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A partnership between Code For Romania and the academic environment is a very attractive way of involving students in extracurricular activities.

We can jointly develop student practice projects or collaborate on research projects.

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