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We Can Have a Functional Healthcare System

In recent years, the need for a well-performing, well-organized health system that is accesible to all citizens has become increasingly evident. The right to healthcare, health education and access to medical services are things that, in a normal society, are natural. We believe that through technology and innovation we can heal the system’s most pressing ailments


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Objective 1: Care for the health of mothers and children

Status:  Design Completed 

Pregnancy and the first months of a child's life are key moments in the life of any parent starting out. The challenges are numerous: from parents having to learn things quickly and medical risks to psychological and financial vulnerabilities.

The healthcare system has often shown us a bleak picture, but things can change through dedication and well-implemented solutions that provide the support and guidance needed to fix the most pressing problems for all actors involved.

Solutions, completed or in development:

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Objective 2: Support for the seriously ill

Status:  Design Completed 

People suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, hepatitis or cardiovascular disease need long-term care and ongoing monitoring. The specificity of these diseases and the severity of the symptoms change the lives of those who suffer from them, but also of their families, which leads to vulnerabilities from  mental, emotional and financial points of view. We analyze the entire health infrastructure and look at how it addresses their needs aiming to focus on the need for better-trained human resources and the need for functional mechanisms available to patients.

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Objective 3: Efficient health services

Status:  Design in progress 

Access to functional health services is a fundamental need in any society, whether we are talking about prevention, emergency intervention or difficult long-term treatments.

At a local level communities have a difficult road ahead, even in terms of access to basic health services. Geographical, financial and knowledge barriers prevent citizens from benefiting from services that are the right of every person.

We look at all of these issues and develop technological tools that work to support patients to streamline the entire system.

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Objective 4: Mental health for all

Status:  Starts March 2022

Mental healthcare should be as natural as caring for a healthy body through exercise and proper nutrition.

At the national level, however, the infrastructure for the prevention and treatment of mental illness is deficient both in terms of the fostering of day-to-day well-being, and for serious and increasingly common problems such as depression, anxiety or psychiatric disorders.

We aim to combat the stigma of mental illness and to turn to digital solutions that improve the flows between institutions and patients.

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Objective 5: Support, not punishment for addicts

Status:  Starts March 2023

People with addiction issues need long-term support and understanding from the community and trust in those they turn to.

Addiction disorders should not define people who go through such hardships, but they can easily take control of people’s lives and affect those around them.

It is a very common problem and, unfortunately, one that is not easily understood. Addiction should be seen as a mental health issue, not as a moral failing or lack of willpower, so any help should focus on aspects that can be changed and improved in addressing and treating addicts.

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Objective 6: Functional hospitals

Status:  Starts March 2024 

Hospital management is a complex institutional challenge that good patient treatment depends on. A functional system is one that can effectively handle and treat both everyday cases and critical situations arising from a disaster of any kind.

The effectiveness of the medical system is a natural consequence of correctly executed internal flows separate from patient interaction.

In Romania, the road to such effectiveness is difficult and perfectible, so we take the responsibility to research and support authorities and patients with technological products for better interaction between health institutions.