How we work

  1. 1 Proposal

    Got an idea? Let’s make it reality! To propose a project, please fill in this description form. The form helps us understand the relevance of the problem, the target groups and the expected results, so that we can decide if and how we can support you and your project.

  2. 2 Assessment

    1. Code for Romania members will evaluate the proposal according to these criteria.
  3. 3 Specifications

    If the project is accepted, hurray! It means you really found something that we can solve together and we are thrilled to get started. We engage in a conversation where Code for Romania offers feedback, proposes suggestions for improvement and can estimate the human resources and the budget. We need this budget for two reasons:

    1. We all need to know the real value of the project and the the work invested in it;
    2. Even if all of us are working as volunteers, there are some minimum costs that need to be covered (e.g.:domain, hosting etc.).

    Regarding the minimum costs: If the proposal comes from an NGO, the organisation should be prepared to cover them. This helps us make the project easy to implement and user-friendly. If the project proposal comes from a public institution, the institution should (partially) cover working hours as well.

  4. 4 Best Team

    Tapping on the talented members of our community, we help building the team who will work on the project.  We believe projects should not only be relevant to the general public, but also inspire and motivate our volunteers. Code for Romania Core Team will always be available for support at every stage of the project development.

  5. 5 Architecture

    The team finds the optimal technical solution aiming to solve the identified problem (according to the previously defined specs). We like to manage expectations, so the solution will be based clearly agreed standards. Everything happens under the guidance of a tech lead that coordinates the team and communicates actively with everyone involved.

    Whenever possible, we reuse existing tools, standards and platforms, encouraging integration and extension. Being part of the Code for All network, we leveraging each other’s knowledge and resources, because all of our work gets better if we are connected.

  6. 6 Development

    Once the technical solution is identified, the team breaks it into into specific tasks and so we can kick off the development stage. We’re always striving for simple and efficient solutions & we truly believe in functional prototypes above everything else.

    Want to check out what is happening in a project? The whole process is transparent and easy to follow on our GitHub page.

  7. 7 Release

    Once the project is ready, we are ready for the launch! But our work does not stop here. Together with our partners, we make sure the project is widely communicated. We also count on you to spread the big news on social media, so the project reaches as many relevant people as possible.

  8. 8 Monitoring & Impact Assessment

    And we are still not done. Because after a successful launch it’s also important to assess the real outcomes. We analyse how many people use the developed product, what impact it had and what we’ve achieved compared to our initial objective.

    We aim to get better with every new project, so we learn from each experience!