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Secured communication between journalists and their sources 

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The lack of a secure communication channel, which could provide anonymity to all those who want to send sensitive information to the media, has discouraged sources in Romania, making people reluctant to report corruption or fraud.

Romania Incognito is a platform that works as a secure electronic e-mail address between sources and the media or NGOs to which you might want to send information. No one, unless decided otherwise, can follow the activity of a citizen on the platform. The only person who holds the key to communication with journalists or various NGOs is the initiator who can only be contacted if they decide to continue the conversation. We hope that by making this tool available, more people, who are not skilled enough to use complex encryption methods, will now report serious problems. We would also like to encourage journalists and NGOs to protect their sources by using Incognito.

Solution developed pro-bono by Code for Romania volunteers

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Solution built by:


Mihai Doboș


Mihai Popescu


Octavian David

Olivia Vereha

Vice President of Product

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