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 007  Redirecționează

 Participation for Romania: 
Collecting 3.5% income tax redirection forms, digitized

 Solution is live 

Every year, any citizen can choose to redirect 3.5% of their income tax to a cause they believe in and want to support. However, most never do so for two reasons: a cumbersome process and a lack of centralized information about the NGOs they could support. Moreover, NGOs also face the difficulty of spreading their appeals for redirection to very large audiences, in a simple way, without using up additional resources. Redirectioneaza.ro contains information on over 1,600 NGOs that can be supported through a simple process of redirecting 3.5% of income tax. By digitizing the 230 form, we have eliminated the need for direct contact between NGOs and their supporters, as many organizations do not have the necessary resources to gather these forms offline.

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year launched
NGOs who benefit
230 forms submitted via the platform
millions euros redirected via the website (estimate)

A project developed pro-bono by Code for Romania volunteers and publicized with the support of Patria Bank and the Globalworth Foundation

Every year we are surprised that Redirecționează.ro is not used by everybody in the country. It is modern tool, for a modern country whose citizens understand their place in the community and their small but authentic power to do good. Since it appeared, through the generosity of Code 4 Romania, we have given up collecting 2% paper forms, a job that used to use up our time and money. Redirecționează.ro is a simple way to raise money for our work that puts us in an elegant and equal relationship with our donors. Countless times, they have written to us, excited that the platform is so easy to use.

Anca Georgescu

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Redirectioneaz.ro is a solution whose development depends exclusively on your donations.

Project built by:

Adriana Spulber

Social Media Officer (pro bono)

Andrei Ioniță

Technology Officer

Andrei Onel

Technology Officer (pro bono)

Bogdan Vizureanu

Technology Officer (pro bono)

Catalina Coca

Social Media Officer (pro bono)

Oana Despan

Chief Partnerships and Development Officer

Olivia Vereha

Vice President of Product

Tudor Amariei

Technology Officer (pro bono)