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008  Rezultate Vot 

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Election results contextualized for every election

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A democracy relies on critical and informed citizens. Resultate Vot aims to inform and develop the critical spirit of voters by contextualizing electoral information and accompanying it with pertinent, unbiased analyses. This is where anyone can access all relevant information on all the elections in Romania. The platform consists of: detailed turnout maps at both the national and county level, partial results for elections, each cycle after the polls close, indexed as they are communicated by authorities, information on irregularities from Vote Monitor, our digital election monitoring system, Romania's electoral history for all rounds of elections since 1992 and a live stream of comments and analyses made by sociologists from major universities in Romania.

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Rezultate Vot

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Developed pro-bono by Code for Romania volunteers

Results Voting should be, for all those interested in Romanian elections, the main source of information for the entire electoral cycle. From "live" results on election day to the results of all elections in Romania at a national, county or local level, from "hot" analyses published during the elections to more extensive analysis, which follow the electoral developments In Romanian politics, all information is available in a friendly, easy-to-use format.

Claudiu Tufiș
Associate Professor - University of Bucharest Faculty of Political Science

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