On February the 24th Code for Romania has ceased its regular activity to focus its entire capacity on building the digital infrastructure necessary to support the civil society and authorities to manage the emergency situations. Find out more about this and support our effort with a donation.



 Participation for Romania: 
Assistant for volunteer communities’ management

 Live solution 

In their everyday life, NGOs work closely with many volunteers with diverse abilities, skills. Volunteers are an essential component in the life of civil society, but only their management can be a time-consuming and valuable resource. Teo is the open-source assistant who helps civil society better manage its volunteer communities, volunteer contracts and the databases that contain them. Built as a two-component system - one web and one mobile, Teo helps organizations keep in touch with volunteers, keep track of them and the hours they work pro-bono, and the volunteer contracts they manage.

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Solution built by:

Ana Stoichitoiu

Ana-Maria Stoichițoiu

UX/UI Designer

Bogdan Ivanel


Olivia Vereha

Vice President of Product

Valentina Popa

Project Manager