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Theater Hub

Theater Hub

 Participation for Romania: 
A virtual space for theater professionals

 Solution under development

 Theater Hub is an online platform for the Romanian theater scene. This virtual space helps actors create an online presence and promote their shows, encouraging other young people to follow their passion for theatrical art. Moreover, the platform aims to reduce the distance between audience and actors and help the latter collaborate. Independent theater actors and troupes can ask for help if they need promotion specialists, resources, sets, etc. to encourage business people and freelancers to actively contribute to supporting cultural initiatives. By integrating with other platforms developed by Code for Romania, Theater Hub wants to provide useful information for professionals in the field of acting in the future, such as legislative resources or European funding.

A project developed pro-bono by Code for Romania volunteers

Administered by: The PunctArt Association

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Solution built by:


Alina Stroe

Andrei Mitrea

Technology Officer (pro-bono)

Georgiana Hanea


Mihai Popescu

Oana Despan

Chief Fundraising Officer

Olivia Vereha

Vice President of Product

Radu Sofrone

UX/UI Designer
Victor Cleja

Victor Cleja


Victor Cosmaciuc

Vlad Modoran

Source Code

All code written by the Code for Romania community is open-source. We aim to build, contribute to and encourage the development of Romania's code library to increase the quality of software solutions in the public space and beyond. Open source development increases the quality of the digital infrastructure built by digital actors, reduces costs by reusing code in different contexts, increases transparency, eliminates reliance on single providers and encourages the strengthening of contributor communities among specialists who can report errors or improve components and functionality. Explore the code for this solution here:

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