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 033  A Shelter 

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Assistance for those in need of housing

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A Shelter provides Ukrainian refugees with verified accommodation places that are tailored to their specific needs, so they may be and feel safe. The platform gathers all housing requests from Ukrainian refugees and all offers coming from those who want to help. Then, DSU și CNCCI match requests with the best accomodation offers, taking into account variables such as the size of a family, chronic illnesses, pets, mothers with babies or toddlers, etc. 

The solution's main benefits are the traceability of those welcoming refugees and a background check conducted for potential hosts once they register into the platform. It is a priority that people end up in safe places, as the great majority of them belong to vulnerable groups such as mothers with their children, people with disabilities or with other health issues. 

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Solution administered by the Government of Romania through Departamentul pentru Situații de Urgență (DSU)

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Solution built by:

Alex Tincu

Ana Stoichitoiu

Ana-Maria Stoichițoiu

UX/UI Designer

Andrei Ioniță

Technology Officer
Andrei Grigoriu

Andrei Grigoriu

Adriana Spulber

Social Media Officer (pro bono)

Balint Szabo

Beniamin Calota

Bianca Leuca

Bogdan Ivanel


Caterina Oproiu

Communication Officer

Dan Barbut

Dana Pascu

Chief Strategy Officer (pro bono)

Dragoș Burciu

Gheorghe Lupu

Technology Officer

Iulia Dormenco

Technology Officer (pro bono)

Ion Dormenco

Technology Officer (pro bono)

Mădălina Ștefu

Communication Manager

Mihai Brehar

Mihai Nica

Mihai Popa

Technology Officer (pro bono)

Mihai Popescu

Mihai Toader-Pasti

Mihnea Șerbănescu

Oana Despan

Chief Partnerships and Development Officer

Octavian Ianculescu

Olivia Vereha

Vice President of Product

Răzvan Bertea

Șerban Costin


Tiberiu Baron

Yvonna Țăranu-Hofnar

Project Manager

Valentina Popa

Project Manager

Valentin Boruz

Vilei Bejenaru

Vlad Ghenade

Vlad Pană

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