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 Participation for Romania: 
A complete guide for the Romanian voter 

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Vot Romania is a platform that facilitates citizens' access to information on elections, contributing to a greater transparency of the electoral process. By accessing votromania.ro, all citizens can check, along with what the necessary documents and procedures are in order to vote, which polling station they have to go to. The website will be updated with correct information for each new round of elections. The content present on the Vot România platform is checked and written together with Observator Electoral election experts.

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Vot Romania

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Developed pro bono by Code for Romania volunteers.

With the help of VotRomania you can find out in exactly two minutes where and how you should vote. Clear and simplified information is a much-needed resource for voters who do not have time to follow the many and frequent changes in electoral legislation - and all the more welcome given that current health security measures further complicate procedures.

Maria Krause
Electoral Expert

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Olivia Vereha

Vice President of Product

Ion Dormenco

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Radu Ștefănescu

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Mihai Popa

Technology Officer (pro bono)

Adriana Spulber

Social Media Officer (pro bono)

Cătălin Zmole

George Bejan

Technology Officer (pro bono)

Andrei Onel

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Cosmin Vaman

Chief Communications Officer

Radu Sofrone

UX/UI Designer

Raul Ritea

Dragoș Costache


Maria Krause

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