Joi 24 februarie, Code for Romania a anunțat că își oprește activitatea obișnuită și că își îndreaptă toate eforturile echipei și comunității de peste 2700 de voluntari spre construcția infrastructurii digitale de care societatea civilă și autoritățile au nevoie pentru administrarea situațiilor de urgență. Află mai multe aici și susține-ne cu o donație trimițând un SMS cu textul PUTEM la 8864. Împreună PUTEM.

Hiring - DevOps & Infrastructure Officer

We're looking to expand our tech team with a future DevOps & Infrastructure wizard with the skills and desire to change the world around them for the better. Submissions deadline 👉Tuesday, 1st of March.

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Here are all the details you need to know:

Code for Romania has been transforming our country through technology for over five years. From creating the infrastructure to monitoring elections, to combating the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, to imagining the right tools to solve a diverse array of social blockages such as domestic violence or access to education, we update Romania one app at a time. Every project is unique in challenges and every ecosystem brings innovation and sustainability in the fields it addresses.

🔎 We are looking for someone who:
✔️ has been (or is currently studying) Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent;
✔️has a strong passion for software and wants to learn infrastructure
✔️can learn to manage multiple projects with different objectives simultaneously;
✔️has good knowledge of CI/CD concepts and preferably but not mandatory has experience in applying them
✔️has an interest in learning Kubernetes and Docker
✔️has some experience with Cloud environments, preferably but not mandatory with AWS
✔️feels comfortable in interacting with multiple stakeholders
✔️manages tight deadlines well and can handle frequent context switches in the work process;
✔️finds a strong motivation in working for social causes and societal development.

We offer:
🎈The opportunity to work on strategic, large scale programs that are transforming Romania into a better country;
🎈An amazing community of professionals supportive of your goals;
🎈A safe and inclusive work environment;
🎈A competitive salary;
🎈The opportunity to learn and develop a diverse range of skills.

Hoping you are interested in the job:
- Please send us your CV together with a cover letter which details your motivation to work in public service and why you think you’re a good match for this position and our organization, to  by the 1st of March.

- Applications should be submitted in English. Those without a cover letter will not be taken into consideration.