For almost two years now, Code for Romania has happened due to the immense work put in by our volunteers. Amazing minds coming together and developing the best way to deliver digital solutions meant to solve societal problems. Experts, specialists, academics, developers, Romanians living home or abroad have gathered around a single common goal: to make home a better place to live in. It is thanks to them that today we have a functioning 500+ volunteers organisation and we wish to celebrate their efforts also by inviting you to meet them individually and see for yourself how great they are.

Are you looking for someone to teach you about data or sci-fi? Because we have the right person for it!

Are you looking for someone to teach you about data or sci-fi? Because we have the right person for it!

Alexandra is one of Code for Romania’s co-founders. She is a researcher in public economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam, lecturer at Erasmus University College and a civic tech/open data enthusiast. An economist by training (MPhil Tinbergen Institute, BSc Utrecht University), Alexandra loves multidisciplinary work involving coding, data, economics and political science. Currently, she is looking into public procurement in Romania and what it can tell us about institutional quality and political mechanisms. Check out her website for more inspiration.

While setting the grounds for our NGO and being an active member of several of our projects, she is now putting all her economic research, econometrics, data analysis & management, teaching, tax policy analysis skills in developing, a platform that aims to gather and curate data sets from all the other Code for Romania projects, other NGOs and institutions. More details on this will be soon available on the website.

“I joined Code4 early on, after a long talk about open data in Romania. We’re sitting on a treasure trove of knowledge: there’s so much data that is public, but not open… I believe that we can learn a lot about policy and decision making in Romania by simply looking into this data. Once we know what works and what doesn’t, it’s much easier to create meaningful change.”

It’s easy to complain about things that don’t work, but it’s so much more satisfying to sit down and fix them, says Alexandra about joining Code for Romania.